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Attend one of our hugely popular brain-cutting sessions with Imperial's 

Professor Steve Gentleman


Come to one of our medical tutorials or our Annual Neuroscience Revision Weekend


Join our members volunteering every week at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability


Discuss cutting-edge research in our Journal Club or seek a research/audit opportunity of your own

brain cutting

Thanks to Professor Steve Gentleman, our extremely popular brain-cutting sessions have become the distinctive event our society has to offer, providing rare opportunities for students to visualise and appreciate the central nervous system beyond anatomy classrooms. 


This event is continuously vastly oversubscribed, with students from various years, courses and institutions. 




This year we have teamed up with Imperial College Surgical Society to bring you Neuro-Weekend.

Neuroweekend is a 2 day lecture series packed with content covering all of the neuroscience teaching covered in the Year 2 MBBS course.

This year the lectures will be delivered online via MS Teams so that everyone can access them and brush up on those difficult neuroscience topics.

Keep an eye on our mailing list for tutorial sign-ups and our Facebook page for updates!


For any other enquiries, please contact



with us

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability has been kind enough to offer us a unique volunteering opportunity for two years now, allowing our members to spend time with patients on the Huntington's ward. Volunteers organise amongst themselves a rota so at least two volunteers attend each week and are encouraged to come up with new and different ideas for each session.

Applications are currently unavailable due to COVID




We organise academically stimulating journal club sessions throughout the year, led by either PhD or senior medical students. Last year's topics ranged from how to read a paper to an intensive step-by-step breakdown of a high-impact neuroscience paper. Keep an eye on our mailing list for our journal club dates.

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