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the neuroscience 
speaker series

What is the Speaker Series?

Our speaker series is a bold initiative by our society to extend an invitation to students and public across the United Kingdom, to attend and learn about the latest and greatest neuroscience to date. 

How is the series run?

The Series is split into themes, covering a different topic each term.

Our speakers are list of lectures given an expansive variety of experts from the United Kingdom, from academics, scientists, clinicians and even patients themselves. 

Who can attend?

We warmly extend our events to anyone and everyone interested in learning more about the human body's most intricate and marvellous system.

We look forward to meeting you at our events!


Autumn 2023


Winter 2023


Spring 2024


For dates, details and registration, please follow our Facebook page.

Please note that all talks are free to attend, but have limited spaces and require prior registration.

 We recommend getting tickets early to avoid disappointment!

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