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Born in imperial. open to public.

We are constantly striving to offer more to everyone who shares our passion for neuroscience. We are open to any and all, regardless of academic background or country.


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Committee roles


Abigail Chan
Emily Miles

Conference Chair

Wenyi Cai


Timothy Chang


Jessica Law


Payam Nouri

The role of the webmaster are very varied but at the same time simple at core.

Design is key in this role. It requires a person to be quick thinking and abstract. The use of design plays a significant role in how information is perceived and how effective a piece of marketing will ultimately be.

Information management is also integral. Website design and management needs to be clear and concise. Users must be able to find their destination quickly and their experience must be pleasant. 

Research & Audit Co-ordinator

Lana Al-Nusair

Roles include organising:


Neuro-anatomy course

A weekly course going through the different aspects of the structure and function of the brain, relating this to clinical cases.


Whether you are interested in neurology, neurosurgery or just general anatomy and would like the chance to learn neuroanatomy in more depth - this course is for you!


Free, open to all medical students.

Perfect for anyone considering the NUNC2020.


Helen Woodward

Teaching Co-ordinator

Kelvin Idialu-Ikato

The Academic Officer has a number of roles in order to promote the education of future neuroscientists. 

The Academic Officer is in charge of:

  • Organising tutorials across the years in the Medical School

  • Coordinating the well-renowned brain-cutting sessions with Professor Gentleman

  • Setting up neuroscience outreach activities with local primary schools

Journal Club Officer

Cheng Song