What is the Royal Hospital For Neuro-Disability Volunteering Scheme?

The Royal Hospital specialises in caring for patients with disabilities due to brain injury, illness or other neurological conditions, including degenerative or progressive conditions. Volunteering will allow you to offer patients your time to keep them entertained, gain extra clinical experience, grow familiar with neurological disease presentations and learn how to communicate effectively with patients who have a neurological disability.

What can I do as a volunteer? 

As a volunteer, you will be allocated to a specific ward within the hospital, where you will run entertainment sessions and keep patients company. You will volunteer in pairs. Volunteering here is a privilege and a responsibility and all volunteers are expected to put in at least two hours of volunteering every two weeks in Terms 1 and 2. 

Who can apply?

All Imperial students interested are invited to apply for this scheme. Students from all undergraduate and graduate courses will be judged equally. No preference will be given for students in the Medicine course or any other course. 

How do I apply? 

Due to COVID, we have currently suspended this scheme, but keep an eye out for it's reopening in the near future.

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